Gentle Spin to Pinnocks

Sunday 26 March

A breezy, chilly, but sunny Sunday saw Jim, Franck and Andy out for a gentle spin. Franck was keen to test his legs at the start of his return to regular cycling after a period off the bike with work commitments, so the trio kept the pace gentle out towards the popular Pinnocks cafe in Ripley.

KRMCC Cyclists at the cafe

Coffee in the sun

Avoiding the runners on the Portsmouth road, they headed out past Hampton court, through Sunbury, West Byfleet and along the beautiful Newark Road. Andy tried to stretch his legs a bit here, but found his endurance lacking a little.

Great coffee as usual, at the cafe, but it sure got busy! It also started to get hot as we sat in the window and Jim even shed his jacket on the way home!

Just a minor, but quickly fixed, tick on Franck’s bike to see to and a small detour from Jim’s normally flawless navigation to interrupt a gentle cruise home via Cobham and Portsmouth Road.

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