A sensible pace…

Mick writes:

With the yoof off messing about at the King of the Downs (or whatever), the grown ups voted for a sensibly-placed two hills this morning. The plan was Effingham via Plough Lane, then Critten Lane to Ranmore Common, Westhumble, Box Hill and back via Epsom and the roundabouts. 

The weather was very pleasant and it was all going so well until the gentlemen got a bit excited across Ranmore, sparking a minor domestic amongst the Shortlands Road contingent. 

Criticism of the elevated pace was clearly justified, but hey, what do expect when the sun’s out. 

Decorum was restored for the descent to Westhumble and some of the ascent of Box, before it all got out of hand again. Only Robin could be accused of sticking to the original plan, while everybody else pushed hard with previous discussions of ‘suitable pace’ entirely forgotten. 

After refreshments at the top of Box, the descent to Epsom via Headley went smoothly before another bout of high jinx broke out through the Chessington roundabouts. 

Altogether a very enjoyable morning with very few responsible adults involved.

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