Box and Bike Beans

66km, climb 566m

Robin, Jim and Andy flew the colours on a breezy Sunday and decided on a Box Hill route with a cafe stop at Bike Beans. The trio keep the pace friendly into the westerly wind as we wound our way through Cobham and Leatherhead to Box Hill. 

A gentle climb up Box was interrupted by an overtaking mountain bike, which, after some discussion, resulted in the expected increase in pace and a ‘late pass with a flourish’. Natural order was thus returned. However, Andy and Jim noted the rider eyeballing us as he turned and returned down the hill for implied repeats. Call it a draw. 

We soon headed off to Ashtead and a welcome cuppa-with-cake at BB. Caught the end 6km of the Milan San Remo repeat on the TV (What a finish!). Robin was granted a late TUE for a second cup of coffee and our cake/ flapjacks disappeared quicker than Sky medical records. 

KRMCC Cyclists

All smiles after coffee and cake

Jim, made a performance adjustment to his saddle height by 1.75mm (inspired by Chris’ work with Tony last week). Andy had tweaked his right cleat position earlier (2.1mm), but Robin’s setup was already optimal. 

The return via Epsom was a little quicker with a tailwind, but had a few close traffic passes to keep the team alert. 

All ‘n’ all a very pleasant day out. 

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