Box Hill via Staples and Crocknorth

75km, 650m.

With Chris and Jim out early for a ‘serious ride’, two sleep-ins, a missing frog, a missing frogman and a love-struck retiree, a depleted bunch thought they’d stay traditional and do a modest run to Box via Plough Lane, up Staples and Crocknorth.

Cloudy, warm weather meant for comfy riding, though Karen’s description of the weather as tropical may have been a stretch. In any case, jerseys were out.

A solid pace was set by Robin for the first few miles into Esher, eliciting one or two grumbles from the back of the bunch that the warm up was being compromised. Rolling hill roads soon settled things down.

Early on we had an encounter with some odd looking cyclists racing past us in Esher, going in the direction usually used for short, easy ‘bun runs’. Looking somewhat like excitable versions of Jim and Chris, they made a lot of noise and gestures, but none of us has a clue what they were on about.

Onward we went the long false flat of Hungry Hill Lane sapped the legs a little, but we were in no rush, and kept a civilized pace. It should be noted that this KRM pace was still too hot for a number of other groups on the road.

KRMCC cyclists pose for a photo on Box Hill

Good laughs and average coffee on Box Hill

Staples Lane was the first climbing test. Nothing too silly — though Andy went up the road in a rush of blood and was shortly thereafter heard making a popping sound near the summit.

Loads of car traffic on the road today. Some of it a little silly.

We collected our thoughts at the top of Combe Lane with a group hug and a promise of downhills, coffee and cake.

Lack of oxygen affected some of the bunch badly. Frankly, I was concerned. Lil’ nick was seeing Lamas at one stage! The long decent toward Green Dene soon brought a recovery — thank goodness.

Joe took off at a terrific pace up Crocknorth while the bunch moaned and groaned, and tried to apportion blame for this routing decision — While all the while, quietly loving the challenge.

The climb quickly dispatched, we headed off toward Westhumble and Box Hill. If Lil’ Nick was still seeing Lamas he was keeping quiet. There was the usual mad dash along Ranmore Common, the result of which I’m not privy to, but which involved The two Nicks and Mick.

KRM dispatched some Dynamos on the way up Box before a well earned coffee and banter at the top.

The ride back via Epsom was fairly orderly, but for a couple of silly sprinty moments coming into Epsom and leaving Epsom (going the Horton Lane route).

All-n-all a nice ride with good banter over coffee and cake.

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