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Rides on Saturday — Normally shorter, flatter and always with cake

The long one — Sat 20 May 0

The long one — Sat 20 May

90mi (145km), 6750ft (2058m) 6.5hrs ride time.  So it seemed like a good idea at the time… Andy and Tony thought that a look at the lesser known eastern section of course for the...

Walton warm up 0

Walton warm up

30mi (48km) climb 623ft (190m) Kevin, Lil’ Nick, Big Nick and Andy decided on a flat spin out to Walton via Hersham. This made for a nice route out and some good roads esp....


Get ya legs out!

The sun came out today for a glorious warm, mostly wind free day. Big Nick, Kevin, Andy and Stefan got their legs out for a quick spin to Walton in the early spring rays....

Chasing Nick 0

Chasing Nick

Mick writes: I mostly spent Saturday morning admiring the view of Nick’s bum from various distances, depending on whether he eased up to let me catch up, or not. Pastries and coffee at 1955,...

KRMCC Cyclists 0

Deep into the hills

Overcast. 87km, 900m climbing With Sunday’s weather looking rubbish, it was suggested we plan a long and hilly route for Saturday with an option of a shorter route for those with less time. After...