Chasing Chris

Tony writes:

Only three souls turned up, Chris in race mode Jim single speed and me on my commuter. Weather forecast light rain with localised heavy downpours. I wasn’t bother which type of route. Chris in race mode wanted Hills, Jim needed to do a short ride plus he wanted to stay near home if it rained heavy we could bail out.

Jim and Chris have a discussion on ride route. I never have the foggiest regarding routes, I just ride. I like it that way. If I know it’s going to be painful I’d rather not know. We get to Walton bridge with Jim leading when he makes a very late hand single. I follow and Chris nearly gets taken out.

Chris asks if I’ve lost weight? (four kilo in two and half months) I’m over the moon people have noticed. That’s important as that forms my main reasoning for what happens next. We get somewhere I haven’t a clue and there is another discussion between Chris & Jim we decide to split up with Jim heading back. I’m just going with the flow. But really deep down I need to test out whether the weight loss has made me faster on the flats or quicker on the Hills. Jim goes one way I go with Chris.

Chris notices that when I am riding, and my leg is extended, my heal goes below the pedal and this translates to me not getting the full amount of power out of each pedal action. That bugs me and Chris starts a bike fit. Chris adjusts my saddle height at least three times over the course of the ride.

Chris does some intervals. Wow! that guy is fast. We are Hungry Lane I think it’s called, one minute he was there the next he was gone! The next was a hill that we’ve done before I just can’t remember the name of, pretty steep. Chris again puts in an interval. That guy has got some power! As for myself, I keep looking at my pedal stroke, saddle readjustment needed.

Chris again intervals Box Hill. Again, I look at my pedal stroke. I’m becoming obsessed. At the top of Box Hill I make another saddle adjustment. No coffee stop, but I’m not fussed. My two bottles of water come in handy and I’ve got snacks. Yay me! (I was starving). At the top of Box Hill I say to Chris if he needed to push on he could go on without me. His reply “we go out together, we come home together”. I was dead and secretly wanted him to push on so I could find the nearest train station. No, I’m not joking. That was the conversation I was having with myself.

Pushing it on the flats felt faster and I seemed to be able to get a better aero shape. Chris guided us home like a pro. 50mile Kingston to Kingston home for around 1 pm perfect timing for Spurs vs Millwall at 2pm.

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