Get ya legs out!

The sun came out today for a glorious warm, mostly wind free day. Big Nick, Kevin, Andy and Stefan got their legs out for a quick spin to Walton in the early spring rays. Well, Andy and Nick did. Kevin and Stefan played it safe in the early chill and kept their lilly whites covered.

A civilised pace was the order of the day as the group made their way through Esher and Hersham toward Cafe 1955. Stefan had a bacon croissant on his mind as he pushed the pace a little on his single speed approaching the coffee stop. Kevin blew a valve at this point and paused to replace some lost air.

KRMCC riders at Cafe 1955

Stefan and Andy give Kevin a lesson in self-sufficiency

Good banter at the cafe, though we were forced to sit in the shade outside to keep Kevin company. He was replacing the inner tube on his rear wheel (yes, he blew that valve). In return for this sacrifice the rest of us did precisely nothing to help our team mate with the repair. There were mutterings of ‘encouraging self sufficency’ to assuage any guilt we may have felt.

A lovely trip back via Richmond Park, with a trip up Nightingale Rd for Nick and Andy thrown in for kicks. Stefan raced a TT bike for a wee bit to test his legs before the group split up and headed off on their seperate ways home.

As a post script, Andy decided to cut through Wimbledon common on his way home — for some bizarre reason — and got his seasons quota of off-road cycling over with. Oops!

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