LCC Training ride 4 of 8

After last weeks zooming around the Surrey hills Team LCC took a more relaxed spin around the course. Andy and Jim were joined by Shibli, Tim, Alison on a overcast morning that threatened rain in the afternoon. 

Jim decided on a modified route, bypassing the heavy traffic (and average coffee!) of Newlands Corner and using Staples Lane as our first climb. 

Jim, Tim, Shibli, Alison and Andy on Box Hill

 Alison (64) was well prepared with a freshly serviced steed and a steely determination. Tim was cherry and happy to go along, blissfully unaware of the Leith Hill ramps that would test his legs on a bike that Andys (woefully underpowered) arms could barely lift. Shibli was all smiles too, catching up with old friend Tim and excited to be progressing his calorie burn with another long ride. 

Staples came and went without much fuss and the team decided to head down to Sheer for a cake and coffee. Lovely coffee and flapjack, though Shibli opted to skip the coffee and cake here, preferring to maximise his calorie deficient. You can see where this is going right?

Back on the route and on to Leith Hill. Always a good test, everyone’s legs felt the burn, but none more than our Shibli. He popped in a big way! A late banana helped get him to the top though a tree may have also suffered as he held on on the side of the road half way up. 

After a bit more food (incl. an emergency Mars bar from Alison), Shibli recovered a little and we headed out to Box for our last climb. We took it easy on the climb and enjoyed a bit of a tail wind as we headed home via Epsom. 

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