LCC Training Ride. Ep 2

Jim Writes:

Only two riders today for the ride out. But I don’t want to give the impression that the enthusiasm is waning. Today was also the King of the Downs sportive and I know that a number of the team were going in for that rather grueling ride.
Simon joined Jim for today’s ride. Simon has done the Ride London previously and so we agreed that we would alter the route a little to avoid some of the busier roads and to concentrate on the Leith to Boxhill stretch. The photograph shows Simon smiling at the top of Staples Lane with a great view of London in the background I had thought that he was smiling because he made it to the top of the hill I now realise that he was smiling because of my appalling “helmet hair”. Next time I’m taking a mirror.
After a coffee stop in Shere and a fast ride back to London we were in Richmond Park by 1 o’clock.

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