Saturday 21 May – Bike Bling

Kevin turned up with his rather lovely new Pearson – with Di2. Chris had his new Kenesis and Nick was sporting his new Dura Ace wheels on his F8. Mike turned up with his new Di2 don’t ask).Jim was mocked for turning up on his old Allez. Anyway, with all this bling, there was only one place we could possibly go – Giro.
We set off out towards Walton, taking a small detour to Halliford. Somehow we let Mike get to the front, and a couple of wrong turns later we were in Chertsey. Still, it was a lovely day and we followed signs to Esher. Once in Giro, Nick carried his bike inside to display it to the local lycra crowd. All went well until another cyclist turned up with another F8 with Dure Ace wheels. What are the chances of that? (Quite high, actually, in Esher).

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