Saturday 25 June – Gironimo – 20 miles

Kevin and Jim met up for a most pleasant ride out to Walton and back to Giro for coffee and cake, before heading back in good time for the Rugby.

At Giro a man with his dog wanted to share the sofas where we were sitting. Is it me or is this a bit weird? The dog kindly licked Kevin’s plate clean – I didn’t notice, but he may have had half of Kevin’s cake as well. The dog was then eyeing up my patisserie, and his owner was trying to restrain him, with a little degree of success. He then gave the dog a good talking to. I was too gobsmacked to point out that YOU ARE REASONING WITH A DOG… The situation was not helped when the man’s large slice of walnut cake arrived. We left them fighting on the sofa. My money was on the dog.

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