Strength = 7(!!)

41mi (66km), climb 787 ft (240m)

Ok, so the news is Pinnocks Coffee House now does a number 7 strength coffee! I’m not sure that the scale has been recalibrated to accommodate new divisions within the same strength range or that a new kind of unearthly coffee — the kind that the UCI would need a TUE for — has been found. 

Jim, Andy, Tony, Mick and Robin met up at the usual spot and Jim suggested we head out to Ripley for a quickish, flatish ride. Jim was on his single speed, which prompted a lively, but needlessly technical discussion about gear ratios and gear inches. 

We figured a route via Brooklands would get us to Pinnocks at opening time (10:00 am). Well, that was the plan, but it seemed we all had a a good breakie and so set a quicker pace than the race plan — sorry, ride plan.  We arrived 20 min early and decided to extend the ride a little further to kill time. Such is our dedication to our sport. Mick has to take most of the responsibility for the excessive speed up front. 

Lots of riders on the road today. The sheep seemed a little friendlier though. Quite a few ‘game faces’ out there and fewer ‘morning!’s. 

KRMCC Cyclists in Pinnocks Coffee House

The team at Pinnocks Coffee House

Great food and coffee today as usual from Pinnocks. Tony had some interesting insights into bar/cafe service and the parallels with dominoes (The game not the sad excuse for a pizza company). You’ll have to check back with him on that one. The sun came out too, brightening our moods further. Tricky to get a good selfie in the window glare though! 

Nice chatty cruise back with a gentle tail wind and warm sun to see us home. 

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