Sunday 12 June – Team LCC Assemble Reloaded – 55 miles

Jim’s second ride with the London Cycling Campaign riders for this year’s Prudential RideLondon:

It is England in June. So it only reasonable to expect it to rain. The forecast was horrendous, but 5 brave souls decided to tough it out and complete the ride. Jim, Penny, Nick, Alison and Andy braved the drizzle that persisted until Ripley, and then the heavy rain that did not let up until Newlands. Coffee at Newlands allowed us to dry out a bit and raise spirits over coffee and cake. By the time we set off again the rain had stopped, and the going was much more pleasant, We skipped the Leith Hill loop – the downhill would have been a touch slippery – and carried on to Box Hill, enjoying the warm weather as we dried out. It was a steady ride with only a few sprints for the summits as we had to be cautious on the wet road

Nick set a new record for fixing a puncture. This record was surely going to remain unbeaten until he shortly had a second puncture and took even longer to fix that. No other mechanicals, except for Jim snapping his front mech in two. Still, it gave him the opportunity to take advantage of the great discounts Wiggle are doing on drivetrains.

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