Sunday 19 June – Kevin’s weird mechanical – 41 miles

Kevin, Olivia, Joe, Karen, Robin, Andy and Franck out for a leisurely ride through Esher, Cobham and Ockham in sunshine.  Fabulous red poppies next to the road after Ripley as the road goes gently uphill towards West Clandon.

Newlands Corner cafe – where Jim’s LCC ride eventually caught us up for coffee.  Then the long descent and the sharp left to Coombe Lane.  As Kevin changed down for the ascent, his chain came off and two links jammed under the frame – a freak mishap which took an age to fix and required a screwdriver from a nearby house.  (We approached with some trepidation since cyclists are not always welcomed with open arms, but the resident said he had recently completed the Bastogne-Liege and was definitely on our side.)

Chapeau to Joe, Karen and Andy who had got to the top of the hill before realising anything was wrong and came all the way back down to help.

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