Sunday 5 June – Summer has arrived – 39 miles

A seven-hander expedition to Windsor. Plenty of legs in evidence with the temperature predicted to soar: not, of course, Jim’s because (a) he never shows them and (b) he wasn’t there, having deserted us for to mastermind the first of his LCC training rides for the Prudential RideLondon. (The smart money on Jim’s legs is that they are actually carbon, and part of his bike. Unable to source appropriate flesh-tone paint, to match his arms, which are sometimes seen, he keeps them covered.)

Over Kingston Bridge and out to Hampton Court at a where’s-the-fire 22 mph. Lower Sunbury, Laleham, Staines, Datchet, then hang left to avoid the town centre of Windsor. There was a triathlon this morning and none of us finely-honed athletes wanted to embarrass them. So coffee with the Queen at the Farm Shop (they have removed the sign forbidding you to photo the cakes, having tired of the piss-takers). Orange polenta cake was excellent but Stef’s pasty was the wise choice, even at 10 in the morning.

Back through Englefield Green, Egham and Chertsey. Robin put on a late spurt after Sunbury, when the prospect beckoned of getting home to Kingston without Mike running in to him and wrecking another back wheel, but this mini-breakaway was soon hauled in. Karen was looking particularly imperious. If she’d been in last night Nocturne, Alice Barnes would have been eating her dust.

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