The only way is up

Karen, Joe, Andy, Mick and Franck came out on a dull and cool Easter Monday for a trip down to Box Hill. Rumour had it that the zig-zag had gone one way (up) for the weekend. 

The route out decided on was via Cobham, up Staple Lane, on to Crocknorth, over Ranmore Common and up Box Hill. 

Quiet roads made the journey out pleasant enough, though the chilly damp air wasn’t ideal. Andy added some humour when he managed to take a tumble by forgetting to unclip at West End. The training wheels go back on next week. 

Staple Lane came and went with beautiful fields of Rapeseed fields to brighten up the dull weather. As it turns out Green Dene was closed so a trip up Crocknorth was mandated. 

Photo of team at the top of Box Hill

The team at the top of Box Hill

The group stayed together for the most part, pushing up at a steady pace. Some geezer on a triple passed us, but we didn’t bite like amateurs — our egos stayed strong just like our climbing legs. We had some miles to go yet. 

We pushed over and headed for Ranmore Common and a speedy run toward Westhumble and Box. The one-way setup on the Zig-zag was good, but clearly not setup perfectly with some traffic coming from the wrong way. Joe pushed up at pace and Andy chased him down. 

Not too busy at the cafe and we quickly got coffee and flapjack. The sun even tried to come out a little. 

Soon we headed off to come home via Epsom. A nice run home with a trip around the west of Epsom along Horton Lane (thanks Mick!). 

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