Sunday 28 May – Brighton – 117.5 miles

This is one of those misleading headlines!

Ten little cyclists were looking for some fun, and decided on the seaside for sand and sea and sun
Jim planned a route, the day was set, the weather looking fine, But NickB had other plans, and then there were nine
Nine KRM cyclists had decided on the date, but Chris had already booked a flight and then there were eight.
Eight eager cyclists reviewed the route they were given. Mike saw the many hills and then there were seven.
Seven intrepid cyclists assembled at the start. Most cycled there from Kingston, a couple went by car. NickR had a phone call – one of his usual tricks. He “had” to leave to do some work and then there were six.
Six happy cyclists pedalled to the sea. Down country lanes, over hill and vale as happy as could be. Over Ditching down to Brighton at the cafe to arrive. Franck stuffed his face, could ride no more and then there were five.
Five feasting cyclists relaxing by the shore. Kevin too would take the train – and then there were four.
Four remaining cyclists resolved to cycle home. The roads got wild, the hills were steep and time was moving on. They got as far as Rusper, where hidden by a tree, was Joe’s car – he stowed his bike and then there were three.
Three tired cyclists were deciding what to do. Karen too packed her bike, and then there were two.
Two stalwart cyclists remained to complete the run. Andy said “you’re on your own, I’ll take the car” and then there was one.
One lonely cyclist went on to make it back. Past Box Hill and Leatherhead and through the Dorking Gap. He pressed on to make it back to Kingston all alone, reflecting on what fun he’d had and record it in a poem.

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